A Fireseed session can help you:

Release the bonds and pain of old emotional, mental, or energetic wounds

Learn to release the hold of old energies that no longer serve you, and are currently keeping you from successfully moving forward


Open to your full potential and learn to manifest the life you want

Identify the points of resistance in your life, and help you understand that the place of resistance is usually where we most need to go to fully heal

Break through emotional, mental, and energetic blocks that talk therapy may not access—and which you may be unaware are inhibiting your life

Working with Me

Every individual is unique; therefore, every session is unique—no two are alike; I approach each client with this in mind. To start, we’ll have a phone conversation about what the issue is and what you want to change. Based on our conversation, I will determine the best method and modality for working with you—Depth Hypnosis or Shamanic work. I’ll explain the process of the modality with which we’ll be working and how it can help you. I draw on my experience and the tools and training I have in order to successfully work with whatever presents itself, and I am committed to providing you with a healing session that best serves you.

Depth Hypnosis

Depth Hypnosis is a healing method which draws from hypnotherapy, transpersonal psychology, energy medicine, shamanism, and Buddhism.  Depth Hypnosis was developed by Dr. Isa Gucciardi, founder of Foundation of the Sacred Stream.

Depth Hypnosis is a process of empowerment, and personal and spiritual growth. It works with your inner and subconscious wisdom to heal body, mind, and spirit. It is effective in releasing addictions, negative thought patterns, anxiety, trauma, depression, and creative blocks. Each client actively participates in the discovery process and by doing so, can access the root cause of imbalances and/or what’s blocking you, which then allows you to transform your relationship with these imbalances to create lasting, profound, and healing change.

Applied Shamanism

Shamanism is a form of healing found in cultures throughout the world and works with earth-based wisdom—essentially it’s about working in the world of the unseen to effect change in the world of the seen. A shamanic practitioner serves as a healer and mediator between the world of Spirit and Form. Life situations and events can create soul or power loss, but with the help of spirit guides, the shamanic practitioner functions as a liaison between the two worlds to restore balance, retrieve soul parts and power that were lost, or remove energetic blocks that impede personal growth.

Shamanic sessions often use sound such as drums, rattles and singing bowls to facilitate and deepen the healing experience.

Sessions are by appointment only and typically 90 minutes. Based on our conversation and progress, we can determine together the number of sessions you may want or need.


Katharine Rossi is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met. Even in my first session with her, she revealed her keen insight and deep compassion. I immediately felt confident in both her abilities and her ethics, but it was some time before I fully comprehended the depth of Katharine’s talent. Seeing truths that I was not yet able to see for myself, and gently guiding me to these truths, Katharine helped me to progress past obstacles that had been blocking me for many, many years.


Katharine is a talented drummer and teacher who is adept at guiding participants through the journey process. She is also extremely intuitive and has a true talent for helping people to see aspects of their lives or problems they are grappling with from different perspectives.


Katharine's understanding of shamanic practices and her ability to act as a guide on my healing journey is extraordinary. After years of using more traditional therapies my work with her has brought me to a depth of understanding and integration I had thought impossible. The level of insight and healing I receive in sessions is amazing and the process is remarkably gentle. I am truly grateful to her for creating a safe, nurturing space for healing to take place.


I have had the wonderful opportunity to have Katharine Rossi help to serve me in my deep spiritual quest for integration and wholeness, as depth hypnosis facilitator and shaman. Her counsel and skill have assisted me immeasurably. She is a gifted healing practitioner.


Katharine's knowledge and use of depth hypnosis in my sessions with her were invaluable when it came to connecting with childhood trauma and healing from it. I find her to be a compassionate professional I relaxed with and trusted in my journey to wellness.


Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

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