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In 2005 I was at a weekend workshop where I was tapping into my soul's desire and deeply connecting with aspects of myself. Over the course of the weekend, the name "Fireseed" kept coming to me. I wrote it in my journal, even did a few sketches of a logo. Then it lay dormant for about 5 years until it started to whisper again to me.

I had to find out what this was, this idea that never left me, even though I had ignored it for so long.

In the process I also had to find myself. This terrified me more than anything else and I was afraid of a lot of things! I knew on some level that Fireseed was a calling from Spirit and I had to be ready to work with it in a very conscious and deliberate way. So like any good student, I set to work developing a relationship with Fireseed using the tools I had learned from various trainings.

This self-training along with formal training has taught about developing relationships with something that is hard to put into words. This is true of many of our experiences. There is an unnamed “something” that we can’t quite put our finger on but know it is the key to something big.

At Fireseed, you have the opportunity to discover who you are, how you operate and the steps needed to make positive changes. Whether in a private session or a group workshop, I call upon variety of tools and skills to address your particular situation.


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