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Working with Katharine

 Every individual is unique; therefore, every session is unique—no two are alike; I approach each client with this in mind. To start, we’ll have a phone conversation about what the issue is and what you want to change. Based on our conversation, I will determine the best method and modality for working with you—Depth Hypnosis or Shamanic work. I’ll explain the process of the modality with which we’ll be working and how it can help you. I draw on my experience and the tools and training I have in order to successfully work with whatever presents itself, and I am committed to providing you with a healing session that best serves you. 


Depth Hypnosis



Depth Hypnosis is a healing method which draws from hypnotherapy, transpersonal psychology, energy medicine, shamanism, and Buddhism.  Depth Hypnosis was developed by Dr. Isa Gucciardi, founder of Foundation of the Sacred Stream.

Depth Hypnosis is a process of empowerment, and personal and spiritual growth. It works with your inner and subconscious wisdom to heal body, mind, and spirit. It is effective in releasing addictions, negative thought patterns, anxiety, trauma, depression, and creative blocks. Each client actively participates in the discovery process and by doing so, can access the root cause of imbalances and/or what’s blocking you, which then allows you to transform your relationship with these imbalances to create lasting, profound, and healing change.

Applied Shamanic Practices



Shamanism is a form of healing found in cultures throughout the world and works with earth-based wisdom—essentially it’s about working in the world of the unseen to effect change in the world of the seen. A shamanic practitioner serves as a healer and mediator between the world of Spirit and Form. Life situations and events can create soul or power loss, but with the help of spirit guides, the shamanic practitioner functions as a liaison between the two worlds to restore balance, retrieve soul parts and power that were lost, or remove energetic blocks that impede personal growth.

Shamanic sessions often use sound such as drums, rattles and singing bowls to facilitate and deepen the healing experience. 

Integrative Transformational Coaching


Integrative Transformational Coaching is a process of self-actualization by forwarding and deepening your understanding of how you think and operate to discover the changes you want to make. This self-awareness leads to deep and lasting transformation because the solutions come from within and are in alignment with your own needs and desires.

Peridot Process


An idea is a being in and of itself with its own energy, power, and purpose .  What happens when an idea chooses you to bring it into form?

The Peridot Process is a method for consciously creating with the Spirit of an Idea to bring it fully into the world.   This offers us the opportunity to step into larger fields of energy and engage with Spirit at deep levels.  This program is available as a training with group processes  or as private sessions.

Circle the Sun


Circle the Sun Community Membership  is a year long expedition into our relationship with the natural world, the season, elements, and directions that are a part of our everyday lives.  We explore our connection to place, create ceremony to honor and respect the land we inhabit to live in harmony with each other, our natural rhythms and the earth.

Tools for Transformation


CD, Journey on Cards