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About Me

Katharine Rossi



Achieving Wholeness

I practice what I "preach"- literally.  Everything I employ when working with my clients are techniques I use myself on a regular basis.  I truly believe, and experientially know, that what I do connects my clients with their personal power and provides a path to transformation.

By learning to operate within a framework of personal power and the connected source within, my clients achieve wholeness—they know how to access and live in alignment with their authentic selves. They develop self-generated tools and practices to bring themselves back to center when life and habitual patterns throw them off balance.

What I Bring

I approach all my work with fierce compassion, patience, and integrity, keeping my clients’ highest good as my guiding principle. Those who work with me can trust I’ll be honest and transparent.

I am committed to the path of healing service and working with my clients to alleviate their suffering. Often, clients come to me dealing with issues and experiences which they find difficult to face alone. I’ll reflect back to them the truth of those experiences by teaching and empowering them to make efficient and effective changes.

I’ve made this healing journey myself—the journey from what felt like a rickety carnival ride to how I now live—consciously, with confidence and peace.

In retrospect, I realize my life experiences were all a study of power—my relationship with my own power, how some people used their power to hurt or control others, how people lost power or gave it away. My years working in various aspects of domestic violence and sexual assault clearly illustrated firsthand how people can misuse power, as well as the converse—how people can become empowered. Now, the bulk of my work with clients is about helping them recognize their own power and use it in ways that are healthy—for them and others. I invite them to imagine a world where everyone is connected to their own power, sourcing it in healthy ways from within and always living in the universal flow.

When I was first introduced to Shamanic Journeying in 2005 I had no idea where it would ultimately take me. Before my first class, given by the Foundation of the Sacred Stream, I had no understanding of what a shaman was or did but I was deeply interested. I kept signing up for more classes, adding Depth Hypnosis and Integrated Energy Medicine studies to the mix, trusting this was the path for me—and it most definitely was!

The information I learned and the experiences I encountered on my journey changed everything. I made huge, positive shifts in my life—and brought that rickety carnival ride to an end. Now, my life is smoother, calmer, and I am living in a fully conscious way which puts me in a position to help others achieve the same. I’m committed to helping my clients learn how to live authentically and in full alignment with their true nature AND be able to meet any of life’s challenges from a relaxed, focused, and powerful center.




  The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure. 

                                                                   – Joseph Campbell