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Peridot Process

The name Fireseed came to me as a faint whisper in 2005. Utilizing techniques of integrated energy medicine and applied shamanism, I began engaging with the spirit of this idea in ways that were genuine and meaningful to develop and grow it into a business.  

The Peridot Process teaches you how to work with spirit and energetic structures to support and co-create with the spirit of your business or project. Each of the five two-hour sessions lays the groundwork and process with practical and experiential applications. Whether you have a new endeavor or one that needs fresh engagement, discover the joy of co-creating with the vision that is seeking expression through you to where they are.


To fully bring an idea into form, we are required to step into  larger fields of energy and engagement  with Spirit.  We have the ability to consciously partner with this spirit to develop and grow our business or project. When we do this, we become partners with the spirit of our business. We become the vehicle for spirit to work on the physical plain.  It is an adventure with many rewards.


Class meets Thursdays 2/20, 3/5, 3/19, 4/2 and 4/16  from 7-9 pm via Zoom. 

As a bonus, you can attend the monthly Peridot group in March and April to deepen your practice and receive additional support.  

Topics Covered:

  • Idea development 
  • Manifesting your dream
  • Pathways of support 
  • Energetic structures 
  • Clearing  obstacles


"The Spirit of Inspiration I aligned with for my business helped me to see the bigger picture, the greater design. It also helped me focus better and to know I have support in both the physical and nonphysical worlds. I found a sense of purpose, empowerment, and a gentle love. Most of all, Inspiration showed me I could be and do before I have the final full manifestation of our idea; that that is part of the process of aligning with the desired reality." -- C.N.


" When I first started working on my business model it was too loose in some places yet rigid in others. As I worked through doubts and fears of my own I noticed a shift in how the spirit of the idea shifted as well. As if the idea and I were learning each other’s ways to communicate better. Now I feel less pressure to rush things—-more time to allow growth and exploration before taking it back outside of myself." -- C.K.


"Engagement with the Spirit of the Idea has turned a "thought" of "I wish" or "wouldn't it be great" to concrete actions. The Spirit of the Idea clearly makes itself known and offers very real advice and also warning when I get off track. Engagement is a relationship which helps me keep going because it provides structure and a purpose that I don't want to deviate from." -- E.M.

Sample Journeys


October 24, 2011

Journey on Fireseed. Is it something I follow through on? What is it? What role does it play? 

We meet in the middle world and  sit in a circle. I ask about Fireseed. They say Fireseed is your individual thing. It is about transformation at all levels. It is what you can transition into to encompass the work you do. Igniting spiritual growth, burning away illusion, burning away what no longer serves, clearing, new growth. Fireseed Center. Fireseed Healing Center. Fireseed. I ask Fox, “What do you think? All this stuff going on, I have not had time for you.” She puts her paw on my heart and says, “I understand. We are in interesting times. I have been preparing for winter for when you will have time. We will have much to do.” She takes a little bite on my ear, a little tug, playful like.  My guide tells me, “You are honing your skills as a shamanic practitioner. You are learning how to communicate with people. Bring this to your Fireseed. Work to burn away your own illusions. Sort out what no longer serves, keep and develop the rest. Do medicine bundles. Medicine for the spirit. Restore balance. Bring peace. Bring healing.” I ask if there is anything else. This is enough for now they say. Move forward with Fireseed. It helps lay the groundwork for so much. This is part of the process to get ready for Spring.

January 14, 2012

Journey to the essence of Fireseed

It is the potential within each of us, set afire and expanding. A fireseed, igniting spiritual growth, burning away debris. Fireseed—healing, counseling, center, portal, ground, center for transformation. Transform, transmutate, transmigrate, transcend, trance. Fireseed/Center for Transformation.


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