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A Fireseed Session


Release the bonds and pain of old emotional, mental, or energetic wounds to break through emotional, mental, and energetic blocks that talk therapy may not access—and which you may be unaware are inhibiting your life


Identify the points of resistance in your life, and help you understand that the place of resistance is usually where we most need to go to fully heal


Open to your full potential and learn to manifest the life you want

What people are saying


Katharine is a talented drummer and teacher who is adept at guiding participants through the journey process. She is also extremely intuitive and has a true talent for helping people to see aspects of their lives or problems they are grappling with from different perspectives.



Katharine's understanding of shamanic practices and her ability to act as a guide on my healing journey is extraordinary. After years of using more traditional therapies my work with her has brought me to a depth of understanding and integration I had thought impossible. The level of insight and healing I receive in sessions is amazing and the process is remarkably gentle. I am truly grateful to her for creating a safe, nurturing space for healing to take place.



Katharine Rossi is one of the most intuitive people I have ever met. Even in my first session with her, she revealed her keen insight and deep compassion. I immediately felt confident in both her abilities and her ethics, but it was some time before I fully comprehended the depth of Katharine’s talent. Seeing truths that I was not yet able to see for myself, and gently guiding me to these truths, Katharine helped me to progress past obstacles that had been blocking me for many, many years.



The work that I have done during the past few years, with Katharine’s guidance, has been no less than extraordinary. Katharine has allowed me to connect with myself in ways that previously I didn’t think were possible for me. And she has given me what I have always sought in a mentor: the ability to do for myself. For that, I am ever grateful. And while it has never been easy, even when it seems too easy, Katharine has been with me every step of the way, offering encouragement, suggestions, guidance. For the first time in my life, I don’t constantly think about what is wrong with me. Now, I can actually begin to think about what is right.



About one week after my soul retrieval with Katharine, I experienced the best day of my entire life. I can't explain what happened, exactly. For as long as I can remember I have had social anxiety, of various degrees of intensity, which at points in my life had kept me from connecting with others---especially strangers. A deep underlying feeling of shame had accompanied me for so long, I didn't even know it was there. About a week after my soul retrieval I was walking around the streets of Manhattan, and realized that those feelings were no longer there. It was as if something had been lifted. Instead of shame, I felt joy, and gratitude for being alive. I was walking around like an ecstatic fool. I guess other people could sense it too because people smiled at me, and opened up to me, on the streets of New York in a way that rarely happened before.... Katharine is a wonderful, supportive and unobtrusive teacher for this practice. I trust her entirely. Highly, highly recommended.



My journeys and drum healing with Katharine Rossi have been the most healing and productive experiences I have ever had. They yielded instant and practical results. I had new insights I could instantly apply to my home and work life. I was given a confidence that I rarely feel. Katharine is a very humble healer whose clear insight and understanding of her own gifts and role are amazing.