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Circle the Sun Community Membership


I never set out to create community. I began by looking for community, a place where I felt like I belonged. I would find some groups here and there, be a part of them for a while, and then leave. I continued doing the work I was called to do, learning and growing each step of the way. In reflecting back, I realized I am in the community I longed for; a community where each person stands alone and part of the whole. A community where we honor and respect everyone’s experiences and points of view; holding each other in sacredness during times of vulnerability and times of joy. This community is all of us who come together at Fireseed: Center for Transformation to seek understanding, support, and connection.

For those who desire a more engaged approach there is now a Circle the Sun Membership. Here we will dive into our relationship with the natural world, the seasons, elements, and directions that are a part of our everyday lives. We will explore our relationship to place, create ceremony to honor and respect the land we inhabit as well as mark the welcoming of each new season. We will come together to connect with spirit to live in harmony with each other and the earth.

It takes 365 days to circle the sun. We are already spinning along on this journey, let’s do it together with conscious attention, focus and fun. This is a yearlong commitment and process. It will require your time, attention and presence.

Why Circle the Sun?

How many times do we say, “This month went by so fast” and realize that we missed the subtle changes that happen every day?

Our lives have become so filled with things that take us away from the world and our connection with one another. We feel out of step the rhythm of life and long for moments of ease and grace. So often we are disconnected from nature and all of its beauty. Sometimes we miss the powerful lessons of a storm or how the subtle changes in Spring reflect back to us our own experience. 

Circle the Sun Membership is about being present to what is happening in the moment; learning to live in alignment with the energies of the season and how the natural world informs us every day.

We are on an amazing planet with weather, cyclical changes, an orientation to celestial bodies and deep space. This is our home and it has much to teach us about ourselves, each other, and the power of nature.

We are embarking on a voyage of discovery to see what we see and integrate this shared experience on earth.

Come, sit by the fire, allow the seed of Self take root where the sacred meets the everyday.

Membership includes:

  • Monthly teachings and journeys related to the seasons, elements and directions
  • Circle the Sun process to chart your course through the year
  • Seasonal outing to connect with the Spirits of the Land
  • Ceremony to mark the arrival of the season
  • Seasonal Craft
  • Weekly journeys and activity suggestions
  • Private Member Forum
  • Member pricing on Fireseed programs


Circle the Sun Registration